Advanced use

2 days training


- How to use Diversity Icebreaker in different contexts


This 2 days training will enable you not only to conduct the classical Diversity Icebreaker workshop but will also introduce how it is used in different contexts. These major areas are: team and project development, communication training, personal development, leadership courses, organizational change, conflict management, kick-offs and addressing cross-cultural challenges.

This training will entitle you to use the title "Advanced Diversity Icebreaker user".



Target group


For those who want to expand their skills in the use of Diversity Icebreaker  - and also for those who do not know the tool before - and who want more thorough training beyond the classical workshop format, described in the User's Guide.





The participants will receive the questionnaire, instructional film (USB-stick), Profile Folder, User’s Manual and the Personal Workbook prior to the workshop.




Agenda 2 days seminar:



The Classic Diversity Icebreaker seminar.

We start the training with jointly taking part in the classical Diversity Icebreaker seminar which gives individuals and groups the first experiences with Red, Blue and Green. Alternative forms are introduced based upon number of participants, facilities and the overall goal.


Individual level

How to further increase understanding of Self, personal development and communication competence.


DI in teams and projects.

Red, Blue and Green is a team role model, where the colours have different relevance in different stages of decision-making and projects. Creativity at group level can be managed by different ways of using colours with people and perspectives.


DI and leadership

Red, Blue and Green are relevant leadership dimensions relevant of leader development, change management and promotion of an organisational culture of diversity.


Common ground

When you gather people from different backgrounds (individual preferences, values, professional education and culture) the Diversity Icebreaker seminar can create positivity and trust. Participants start engaging in dialogues which promotes respect, learning and conflict resolution.


Accessible resources

Accessible resources are online, books, training booklets for leadership and innovation, social media and Human Factors support.





The workshop will combine short exercises and presentations.






Bjørn Z. Ekelund, psychologist (University of Oslo, MBA Henley Management College). One of the most renowned and established experts in Norway within the fields of collaboration, team development, communication in team and management across functional roles and cultural diversities. Read more

Piotr Pluta, Piotr is an organizational psychologist. He conducts workshops and train-the-trainer courses in four languages (English, Spanish, Polish and Norwegian), facilitates our international partnerships and contributes to our R&D activities. Piotr is the managing director focusing on the professional psychological and consultative aspects of the operation, involving teaching, client support, R&D and consultation.