While you donĀ“t need any formal certification to use the Diversity Icebreaker, open workshops and presentations are occasionally held around the world either by Human Factors, or by our local distributors/agents. We also offer in-house, tailor-made trainings for your organisation.

Virtual Diversity Icebraker workshop
8th May 2018 from 15:00 - 17:00
Experience  the Diversity Icebreake workshops in a 3D immersive virtual environment were the participants meet as virtual characters and interact with each other in real time.
The seminar is free of charge.  

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We offer 2 days training anywhere in the world if you can collect at least 5 participants locally and set up suitable seminar room. Price per participant: EUR 780 (USD 950 outside Europe) per participant.

Send an email to: to request an offer or describe your needs. We give you quick response.





Human Factors offers 6-8 open breakfast seminars and other workshops each year.