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Virtual Diversity Icebreaker workshop – open workshop

The Diversity Icebreaker workshops are known for being highly energetic, full of humour and dynamic social interactions. The virtually mediated communication, on the other hand, is often described as lacking these qualities. At the same time, it has qualities of its own and opens new opportunities, especially as a cost effective way to connect in the global context. For to this reason, it is important to challenge the myths related to the virtual communication with new and better technology and concepts.

We do that together with a Swiss vComm and German, by running the Diversity Icebreaker workshops in a 3D immersive virtual environment - AULA®



October 22nd 3:00 PM CET


The workshop will be held in English.


We have been looking for software that would allow recreating key qualities of DI and we have now found one that allows us to do it: AULA® is a 3D environment in which the participants meet as virtual characters and interact with each other in real-time. It creates a sense of immersion allowing for a realistic interaction in a space imitating training environment.
Snapshots from an example workshop in Aula:

Open workshop - limited offer

Together with our partners in this project, (expert in virtual trainings) and vComm (the company behind AULA®), we will organize a limited number of open demo-workshops for our clients in order to give them a chance to experience the technology and the virtual Diversity Icebreaker workshop.



The workshop is open and free of charge, with the capacity set for 20 participants. Especially people new to the Diversity Icebreaker are welcome and those who would otherwise not be able to experience a live-workshop.


Registration is required – write to

Technical requirements

If you register for the workshop, you will receive complete guidelines and tutorials in accessing and using Aula, before the date of the event. However, the basic tech-requirments include:

  • Windows XP/7/8.1/10 or MacOS
  • Headset
  • Using AULA requires that you download and install software on your computer (takes only couple of minutes).

Watch video: