30 years of helping teams work better

Human Factors has been contributing to development of good organizational cultures in 30 years. The core competences in the company have been always related to team analysis and team development. More than 400 thousand people have been exposed to our products and services in form of tests-tools, workshops, courses, and lectures.

One of the test-tools developed by our company, the Diversity Icebreaker, is in use all over the world, which makes Human Factors an international consultancy in addition to our strong position on the Norwegian market, where Diversity Icebreaker holds a market-leader position for team tools. 

The list of our clients demonstrates our extensive experience in working with the majority of the Norwegian as well as many of the international large organizations.

We aim to be innovative, updated as well as contribute to development of knowledge within the field of HR management; we cooperate with universities and other academic institutions on R&D projects.