Doing good

We want to contribute to a better world and donate Diversity Icebreaker free of charge, including support (train-the-trainer) to selected projects.


Who can apply? Organisations, institutions and consultants without the financial possibility to buy the tool and who do not work for profit. 


Diversity Icebreaker is a quality research-based HR tool, available in 17 languages. It is used by approx. 35-40.000 people every year helping to improve communication and collaboration across differences. 



Application ideas


  • If your work revolves around diversity and involves vulnerable social groups, DI can provide a safe starting point for conversations about difficult topics, voicing and including different perspectives.
  • If your project involves volunteers, DI can be used for teambuilding and promote community. It can also be used in communication training helping them to better approach people they help.
  • If you work with mediating or conflict resolution, DI can provide a boost in trust and psychological safety early on in the process.



How to apply?

Send a description of your project to doinggood@human-factors.no. Tell us why it is not possible to purchase the tool and how you intend to use it.

All applications will be reviewed confidentially.