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Increase the value of the concept after the DI workshop and provide the opportunity for participants to continue developing their competencies on their own.

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User Manual

You will gain access to the User Manual – a practical guidebook to the Diversity Icebreaker workshops – immediately after placing your first order.

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When you want to compare different teams, project groups or departments in one and the same workshop.
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Fun and educational, badges are typically worn during group work that takes place after the Diversity Icebreaker workshop.

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Book 2015

A collection of research articles and conference presentation papers about the Diversity Icebreaker from 2008-2014.
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Book 2008

A 2008 collection of research and articles on the Diversity Icebreaker edited by Bjørn Z. Ekelund and Eva Langvik (2nd ed., 179 pages).
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