The general guidelines of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy.



At Human Factors, we are deeply committed to prioritizing human aspects in all our business practices. Our approach aims to unlock individual potential, enhance team performance, and create wealth in its broadest sense. Our flagship product, "Diversity Icebreaker", is central to this vision.



Diversity Icebreaker: Building Trust and Positive Identity

"Diversity Icebreaker" has proven to be a powerful tool in fostering trust, positivity, and constructive identity development. The concept encourages the integration of diverse individuals, nurtures the willingness to express different viewpoints, and contributes to improved problem-solving and execution.



Global Challenges and Our Contributions

"Diversity Icebreaker" is valuable in addressing some of the world's major challenges. Recognizing that certain organizations and initiatives may lack funds for our materials or services, we offer support through pro bono activities and reduced material costs.



Focused Areas of Contribution


Peace Development in Conflict-Affected Areas

Bjørn Z. Ekelund has made ten trips to the Middle East since 2010. Through his Diversity Icebreaker trainings, he has played a significant role in various contexts to enhance capabilities for peace promotion and civil society development. For further details, please reach out to bze@human-factors.no



Refugee and Integration Challenges in Immigration

The integration of refugees and immigrants is a growing global concern. "Diversity Icebreaker" has been instrumental in cross-cultural community development since 1999. Drawing on our extensive experience in intercultural communication, we believe in its potential to make significant contributions in this area. Our presentation “Reframing Others in Colours of Mastery,” delivered at the 24th Nordic Intercultural Communication conference, provides an overview of our work to date. Download the  PPT presentation (12 MB) 


We aspire to expand our efforts in this domain. Occasionally, these initiatives are eligible for CSR promotion, stemming from our direct contributions. We maintain a network of consultants and academics whose work towards a better world we support. Ivana B. Petrovic, based in Belgrade, has utilized the Diversity Icebreaker approach for several years in training Red Cross volunteers across Europe and Serbia. In 2022, she published an article reflecting on her work during the 2016 migration crisis in Serbia.”



Climate Crisis and Ecological Balance

Our communication preferences, Red, Blue, and Green, were first applied in 1995 in a large-scale energy conservation campaign. Since then, "Diversity Icebreaker" has been used in various contexts like Master's programs in agro-ecology, European research on climate effects, and trust-building in large-scale windmill projects. We've been collaborating with the UNFCCC (The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) since 2022, applying "Diversity Icebreaker" in diversity management, trust-building, and promoting agility.