Application areas


Diversity Icebreaker is applied by many higher education institutions.


Beyond academic success


  • Create an empowering learning culture, where students learn from each other
  • Introduce simple team-roles model to facilitate project work
  • Give students a shared language and common ground to shape their collaborative experience together

Collaborative and communication skills are crucial for both academic and professional success for students and it is the universities’ role to help them in developing these competencies. Many of our university clients use the Diversity Icebreaker as kick-off of orientation days in freshman courses as well as an element of development programs throughout the semester.


Diversity Icebreaker facilitates better teamwork for students at the university, which helps them to enter the professional life better equipped for working with others.  


We offer 50% discount for use with students. 




Learn more about how Diversity Icebreaker is used in various university contexts in this white paper: Read more in this PDF-file.



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