Application areas

Communication training

The differences in the way we communicate with others are in the centre of the Diversity Icebreaker. A communication training is a robust application of the concept in practice.

The history of the Diversity Icebreaker is rooted in an original marketing campaign and following consultant training. The different ways people perceive information were categorized in order to enable a more efficient and customized communication with the target. 

Red, Blue and Green - the Diversity Icebreaker's three dimensions - can be looked upon as three different communication styles. The three colors can be applied in group exercises (workshop-groups with participants with the same or mixed preferences), for individual development (role-play exercises), and in communication strategies on organizational level.

The effects of a communication training with DI include: a better understanding of one's own and others' communication styles, increased flexibility and - above all - a shared, simple and positively loaded language that improves communication.


See a practical example of a group exercise with Red, Blue and Green in a half-day communication training for a project in the Oil & Gas industry. Read more.