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Cross-cultural and diversity training

Dimensions of the Diversity Icebreaker cut across culture, gender and age. The model is simple and provides an easy introduction to appreciate and profit from diversity.

The consultative work with diversity had been focused on the "surface diversity" - represented by the demographic and cultural differences. Our tool draws on another kind of diversity: the interpersonal differences in the way we process information and communicate - the "deep diversity".

This deep diversity is described by a three factor model (Red, Blue, and Green) measured by the Diversity Icebreaker questionnaire and elaborated in group work during the workshop. The model is simple, positively framed and the three unique factors are a priori necessary and complementary.

Red, Blue and Green can be used as a mean of mapping the differences in a team in a way that is functional and non-threatening; and allowing to take advantage of the diversity. It also provides an easier entrance to the complex world of cultural differences.


A case study in which the Diversity Icebreaker was used to build an organizational culture across 10 different national cultures. Read more.

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