Application areas


The tool is relevant for leaders, developing self-awareness, opening possibilities for participative leadership, and tappings into the various dimensions of leadership (people, tasks, change).
Good leadership requires a continuous self-development, openness to feedback, conceptual understanding and training of the leadership skills in practice. The Diversity Icebreaker can contribute on all those levels:

  • By learning about his or her preferences, a leader gains a unique insight into his or her strengths and weaknesses, understands the inner potential for flexibility, as well becomes more open to participative and shared leadership.
  • Orientation on understanding of roles and preferences, the positive climate, as well as the functional language created in the workshop, enhance the capability for constructive feedback. 
  • Red, Blue and Green reflect different dimensions of leadership often referred to in management theories as "leading people, tasks and change". The model is easy to master and applicable to a variety of situations and may thus be used by leaders as a framework for training different leadership skills.


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