Application areas



You – the leader

The tool gives you new insight. The workshop demonstrates the value of asking and listening to others who think differently and can help you see things that you have not noticed. Reflecting on the workshop experience is the most important learning process, whether you do it alone or with others.


Your team

Red, Blue and Green is a simple model applicable to different roles and perspectives in team. A shared understanding of differences promotes good communication, psychological safety and tolerance. It is easier to give personal feedback and talk about difficult topics using Red, Blue and Green. Taking your coworkers’ profiles into consideration when distributing tasks is both motivating and promotes belonging.


Shared language

Red, Blue and Green is a language that can be used across different levels and departments in the organization. A shared language with vocabulary that everybody understands ​​incites trust and the sense of community. An important quality of this language is that you are acknowledged as different but still feel included.



Good leadership is about giving the employees means to perform their tasks. Red, Blue and Green becomes a language that they can use to solve both tasks and interpersonal conflicts better – an important tool helping them to cooperate better.


Dimensions of leadership

Red, Blue and Green reflect different aspects of leadership: Red reflects the human side of leadership; Blue is about tasks and execution; and Green reflects the focus on change and future. For a leader in an organization, all these three perspectives are important.


Communication during change

During change processes, coworkers have different needs depending on their colour profiles. An awareness of that on part of the leadership contributes to better planning and communication of change.




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