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Virtual workshops with AULA

Working from home? We now also deliver Diversity Icebreaker workshops in an entirely virtual form with AULA® – an immersive 3D environment.


In order to bring the effects of the Diversity Icebreaker to the virtual world – increased trust, cohesion, closeness and open communication –  we partnered with vComm from Switzerland who have delivered dynamic an interactive DI virtual workshop since 2015.



The environment

AULA® is an immersive, 3D virtual-training platform with a module designed specifically for the standard DI-workshops. The participants meet as virtual avatars, fill-out the online questionnaire and experience group work, group presentations and collective learning as they would in a F2F workshop.


Snapshot from a DI-workshop in AULA®:


Prices and practical information


The cost of using AULA® is EUR 15 per person/hour.


Typical DI-workshop takes 1,5 hrs. This cost comes in addition to the cost of the DI-questionnaire.


You may deliver the training yourself, in which case you will need a short train-the-trainer session, or have one of our consultants facilitate the workshop.


Contact us in either case for a quote and/or to get more information:



Watch video: