Book 2023

Inclusive Leadership: Equity and Belonging in Our Communities
– A Comprehensive Exploration in Leadership Diversity



This book is part of the International Leadership Association’s (ILA) Building Leadership Bridges series. ILA is the largest management association in the world.


Recognition: Listed in "Senior Executive’s 10+ DEI Books Executives Should Read in 2024."



Short description

The book is divided into four parts: understanding DEIB, education and DEIB, practicing DEIB, and a community and global perspective of DEIB. Chapters range in topics from inclusive leadership for social justice to how to influence employee engagement, offering perspectives from practitioners and academics.

The book brings forth empirical research, innovative ideas, and practical tools aimed at nurturing inclusive leadership and fostering a sense of belonging.

Whether you are seeking to enhance your understanding of diversity issues or looking for resources to support your journey in inclusive leadership, this book offers valuable insights and guidance.



Abstract of the chapter written by Bjørn Z. Ekelund:

In this chapter, Diversity Icebreaker® is introduced - a seminar tool that uses Red, Blue, and Green dimensions to categorize participants based on a psychological assessment. Participants, grouped by their dominant color, explore these dimensions from their own and other´s perspectives. Blue represents task and detail orientation, Green signifies a holistic and future-focused approach, and Red denotes a social and communicative style. This metaphorical language fosters an inclusive culture. The categories' simplicity aids in universal application, leveling the playing field for all. Participants recognize commonalities through these colors, enhancing cohesion. The seminar involves engaging in dialogues, fostering positive emotions and insights. Humor and positivity encourage collective interactions, culminating in a shared reflection process where everyone's unique views contribute equally. This chapter conclude with thoughts on how this conceptual model, developed in Norway, apply globally.



Co-Editors and Authors:

Led by a team of esteemed co-editors and featuring contributions from over 45 renowned authors worldwide, the book includes:


Joanne Barnes: A seasoned Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant and Professor at Indiana Wesleyan University.
Bjørn Z. Ekelund: A respected Senior Consultant from Norway, also a Research Fellow in Canada.
Karen Perham-Lippman: A notable figure in DEI, bringing her expertise from her tenure at Jensen Hughes.
Michael J. Stevens: A Distinguished Presidential Professor in Business Administration and a partner in The Kozai Group.


Publisher: Emerald Publishing Limited
Print lenght: 304 pages
Language: English



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