Booklet for leaders

Use of Red, Blue and Green in leadership and leadership development

How to use Red, Blue and Green in self development as a leader?



The booklet starts with self-understanding and communication. Then it continues with how to use the concept in your own management team as a leader. Red, Blue and Green are also three different perspectives on management and organization. The booklet ends with showing how the categories can be used in change management and in the development of an organizational culture which includes diversity.


This booklet is designed for the individual leader who would like to use Red, Blue and Green on several levels in their organization. The booklet is suitable as additional material after the Diversity Icebreaker workshop and in leader and leadership development programs where Diversity Icebreaker is used.



Languages: Available in English and Norwegian.


Released: 2018


Author: Bjørn Z. Ekelund


Number of pages: 50




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