Innovation Booklet

 A booklet for follow-up after the workshop.

This Innovation Booklet presents ideas on how to use Diversity Icebreaker in creativity and innovation processes.


The booklet is meant for facilitators, consultants, leaders, teams and individuals who would like to use the Diversity Icebreaker in workshops or developmental work with focus on innovation.

Innovative work is complex and often requires cooperation across teams, department and organisations. To achievie it, it may be relevant to work with inclusion and creating of arenas promoting exchange of knowledge. The booklet does not offer ready-made solutions to all this, but it will give you a better theoretical understanding of the topic and contains useful ideas for workshops, conducting meetings, creating learning communities, managerial practices, and planning for innovation, etc.


Price: EUR 9 (USD 10 outside of Europe) when ordering the questionnaires.

Author: Bjørn Z. Ekelund

Published: 2017

Available languages:  English and Norwegian

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