Participation in this webinar is not a prerequisite for using the Diversity Icebreaker (DI), especially in the “standard workshop” format. This webinar, however, will help you to apply DI in longer workshops and developmental processes in several different contexts.


DATE AND platform

May 19th, 2021. Time: 12:00-15:30 CET (including breaks)

The webinar will held be on Zoom.



Target audience

- For facilitators, consultants and trainers who want to be better equipped to use DI with various groups and with greater flexibility in different contexts.


- For those who would like to design and facilitate engaging pedagogical processes in the aftermath the standard DI workshop, and obtain an even better and longer-lasting effect.


- For those who want to expand their DI expertise for safer and more reflected use.




The webinar is for trainers with basic knowledge of the Diversity Icebreaker. If you have conducted a standard DI workshop, and/or read the DI User Manual, and/or attended our free introduction webinar – this webinar is for you.


If you have done neither, you can register for the forthcoming introduction webinar. See the available dates here.



Webinar facilitators



Bjørn Z. Ekelund  - creator of the Diversity Icebreaker® – used by more than 300 000 respondents in more than 75 countries. One of the most renowned and established experts in Norway within the fields of collaboration, team development, communication in team and management across functional roles and cultural diversities. In more than 30 years Bjørn has been leading management consultancies and as an external consultant he has delivered more than 1000 consultants engagement in more than 20 countries. 




Piotr Pluta  MSc in Psychology, is the Managing Director responsible for consultancy in Human Factors. Piotr has facilitated a number of virtual and F2F Diversity Icebreaker workshops and was involved in development of a dedicated DI-module for a 3D collaboration platform. Piotr has also supported our clients with tips and help both prior and during application of DI. Piotr is also involved in many of our R&D projects and delivers consultancy in the areas of communication, trust building, cross-cultural work and diversity management. 




Content (application areas):


- Communication: How to use DI in a communication training? What are the effective ways of communicating with Red, Blue, and Green people? How to promote an open, respectful, and integrative communication?


- Teamwork: Red, Blue, and Green as alternative team roles. What do the colors contribute during different stages of a project/teamwork? How to use the cognitive diversity in a team to achieve synergy?


- Leadership: How to use Red, Blue, and Green in training different leadership styles? How to lead co-workers with different colors? How to lead during change?


- Creativity: How to use Red, Blue, and Green for high-quality problem-solving and brainstorming sessions? Application of the DI creativity mat.




- A maximum of 10 participants allows for a fair deal of individual focus, flexibility, and interaction.


- Overall structure: introduction to the application area (theory and research), examples of group activities and tasks, facilitation tips, case-discussion.


- Practical demonstration: use of different types of breakout rooms for Red, Blue, and Green as well as multicolored groups, DI extension surveys, use of shared documents for synchronous and asynchronous work with Red, Blue, and Green.


- Pre-webinar assignment (answering the DI questionnaire + extension survey, online, 12 min)



EUR 150 / USD 175 incl. course material (online)


Send an email to: seminar@human-factors.no

Registration deadline: 24 hours before start of the webinar.

It is free to participate.