How to use Diversity Icebreaker in Academia?


Gain knowledge about the practical applications and benefits of Diversity Icebreaker (DI) in educational contexts. Learn how the DI has created added value for thousands of students and staff in academic institutions in recent years.


The use of DI has proved particularly effective at the start of the semester, in communication training, counselling and leadership development. DI has also been useful for building community within multicultural student groups.



Target group

Whether you are an educator, academic, student counsellor, administrative leader, leadership development professional, or interested in educational innovation and improving learning environments in academic institutions, this webinar will offer valuable insights into how the Diversity Icebreaker can improve learning and community building in schools, colleges and universities.





–  White paper. Presentation of the revised version of "Diversity Icebreaker in academic institutions" including new research findings and practical applications. This white paper is based on insights from 30 different academic institutions.


Innovation in teams. Discussion around the use of DI to improve learning processes in both heterogeneous and homogeneous teams.


Both personal feedback and team tools. How can the personalised report from DI Premium and team mapping tools promote deeper learning and evaluate processes and results more effectively?

Professional development. Strategies for integrating DI into staff training to strengthen organisational learning capacity and as an important element of role modelling in relation to students and learners.


DI in secondary school. Experiences from extensive use of DI at secondary school.



Webinar host

Bjørn Z. Ekelund Psychologist, MBA. The developer of Diversity Icebreaker®(DI). Bjørn is one of Norway's most experienced consultants in the areas of collaboration, team development, communication in teams and managing management across roles and cultural differences. For more than 30 years, Bjørn has led consulting companies and delivered over 1,000 assignments in more than 20 countries.


Over many years, he has contributed to several of the world's highest-ranked educational institutions in his field of research and teaching. In 2019, he published the book "Unleashing the Power of Diversity, How to Open Minds for Good." where he gives a description of how DI can be used as a tool to create a common language and create trust in people and processes across teams and organisations.


In 2022-2023, Bjørn Z. Ekelund has been a member of the planning committee for the International Leadership Association's DEIB virtual summit. He is also co-editor of 2023 year's volume in the International Leadership Association series, Building Leadership Bridges: Inclusive Leadership: Equity and Belonging in Our Communities. In this book, he has written the chapter "An Inclusive Language of Diversity" about the metaphorical model Red, Blue and Green.





March 19th. 2024 at  3:00 – 4:00 PM CET




Send an email to: seminar@human-factors.no 

Registration deadline: 24 hours before start of the webinar.

It is free to participate.