Workshop support


Do you want an external consultant to conduct a virtual or physical (F2F) Diversity Icebreaker workshop?


The Diversity Icebreaker was created in Human Factors and thanks to that proximity we have a unique expertise and vast experience in the tool’s application.

Our two most experienced consultants (below) conduct both regular DI workshops (face-to-face and virtual) as well as train-the-trainer workshops on regular basis for all types of clients both domestic and international. We deliver DI-workshops for small groups as well as a large-scale kick-off events on conferences. We also have extensive experience in virtual facilitation for online events and dispersed teams.


Our expertise is not limited to delivering standard DI workshops. We also design and conduct longer and more advanced workshops, custom-design learning and group activities, as well as implement DI as a part of larger organizational processes.


For tips, support or co-facilitation of a virtual workshop read this page.


More about Piotr Pluta  and  Bjørn Z. Ekelund.