The questionnaire (online)

The questionnaire is the core of the Diversity Icebreaker concept.

Available languages

English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew and Sami.


Short description

It can be used on mobiles or PC/Mac – in real time during the workshop or beforehand. The scores are calculated automatically at the end and presented graphically (as you can see above). 




Advantages of the DI online version:


  • An easier to use response format and more intuitive, visual presentation of scores
  • Scores are calculated automatically (less demanding for participants and saves time)
  • Group profile with three different statistics views included in the price. It is updated live for the entire group, which allows you to keep track of how many participants completed the questionnaire. It also provides information about how many participants of each color there are in the group (great help when creating one-color groups!)
  • You can upgrade to the Premium feedback
  • You can split the group profile in different subgroups
  • You can add extra questions about either stress, psychological safety, or trust.
  • Smaller climate footprint than physical material and shipping
  • You can conduct a virtual or hybrid workshop where participants do not meet face-to-face
  • You receive your order almost immediately after purchase
  • No shipping cost


More possibilities

Read about more possibilities on this page.




Go to to see prices and for placing your order. The survey is active for 3 months from ordering unless otherwise agreed. 



How does it works?

Does this seem interesting?
Go here to see the rest of the presentation.


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Questionnaire illustration


Increase the value of the concept after the DI workshop and provide the opportunity for participants to continue developing their competencies on their own.



Based on the Diversity Icebreaker (DI) online questionnaire



  • For facilitators:

    Add value to your DI workshops by including the Premium feedback in follow-up activities.


  • For individual users:

    Develop a more holistic self-understanding and enhance your competence to interact.


Premium feedback is also suitable for individual work without the workshop.


Additional cost per person
Only EUR 10 (USD 11) + VAT. See more under "Price" at the bottom of the page.








What do you get with premium

in addition to red, blue, and green scores?


  1. Personal, extended profile description of the specific combination of one’s first and second color. Advice on how to approach the third color.

  2. Color-based tips and information relevant for: communication, managing conflict and dilemmas, blind-zones, teamwork, and more – based on research, theory, and years of consultative experience.

  3. A broader statistical analysis of the results. 



New possibilities


  • A more effective team and organizational development: participants continue developing their competencies on their own also after the workshop.
  • Personal competence development on demand: employees can use Premium wherever and whenever they want, individually or with others, with regards to areas of their interest.
  • Premium feedback makes DI more relevant for selection, onboarding processes, as well as coaching.







Access after the workshop

Facilitator decides when to share Premium access code with the participants – typically after the workshop. 



Online and downloadable report

Premium feedback is available only with the online version of the DI questionnaire. It can be read on both mobile devices and PC/Mac and (from May, 2022) a PDF version of the personal report can also be downloaded for print etc.



Free guide for facilitators


Download free PDF
A practical guide for Premium feedback with answers to frequently asked questions, ideas for application, group tasks, etc.




The questionnaire (online) offers as usual 15 languages.
The premium feedback section is currently available in:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Danish
  • Swedish
  • Norwegian


- I love the extended version - it is amazing! You built it in a very appealing way.
PhD, Senior Lecturer, School of Business Administration 




A little extra cost for a considerable upgrade
  • For organizations and consultants purchasing for 2 or more users:
    Only EUR 10/USD 11 more than the DI questionnaire’s regular price.

    Total price for DI-test including Premium Feedback:
    Within Europe: EUR 37 plus VAT. Outside of Europe: USD 41 plus tax per person.

    Applicable discounts: 20% for 100 or more users and 50% for students.
    Order here

  • For individual purchase (only 1 user) EUR 35,5. Order here



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DI Premium

Online group profile

Easy to access, included in the price.

Easy to access, included in price

When ordering the online version of the questionnaire, you will also receive a link to a webpage with your group’s profile. Group profiles (based on the link answered by your group) will be automatically generated. The profile is dynamic and will allways be updated without refreshing the page. You will also see how many participants have already completed the questionnaire. (Useful both during the workshop and in a pre-scoring situation!). It also provides information about how many participants of each color there are in the group (great help when creating one-color groups!) This feature is suitable both for PC (e.g. projector) and your mobile device (phone/iPad etc.)


Three views


1. The Hexagon view presents distribution of the individual participants in a two-dimensional space – a hexagon. The participants are represented as dots and their location is a function of scores on all three colours. The actual scores can be visible when you hover the pointer above a particular dot.



The hexagon view can illustrate clusters as well as proximity and distance between the participants. Who is furthest apart? Large distances can be a good starting point for talking about different experiences and perspectives on the colors. This is relevant for the personal development and conversations between the participants later.

The points when the three lines meet is the groups “centre of gravity” – the group's average. The normative average – 50 Red, 50 Blue and 50 Green – is in the actual centre of the figure.



2. The Statistics view includes a chart with group’s averaged scores and the norm. In addition, the exact averages and standard deviations for Red, Blue and Green are presented below.


The statistics includes a chart with the group's average score and norm. This provides an opportunity to discuss how the group as a whole is different from what is most common. You can discuss what you need to be aware of and what measures you can then implement. eg: "What are our strengths and challenges given our group profile in connection with organizational change?", "How can we compensate for the colors with low scores?


New feature from May 2022:
A new table below the chart shows how many participants scored on which colour as their primary and secondary preference – useful when creating one-colour groups!


3. The standard deviation view provides an opportunity to discuss how to deal with large or small variation in the different colors. 



Too little variation invites increased focus on alternative perspectives. Too much variety requires greater care / respect in handling different perspectives. This can be deepened with an awareness of the purpose of different forms of conversation; dialogue (understanding), discussion (truth) and debate (value choice).




Group profiles can be a useful point of departure for reflections and exercises focusing on a team, department or an organization as a whole: “What are our strengths and challenges given our group’s profile in the context of organizational change?”, “How can we compensate for the colour-preferences we score very low on?”, etc.


Some iformation that is not visible in the averaged Statistics-view, becomes evident in the Hexagon: the position of individual scores in the context of the entire group. Thus, it can be used to discuss the “distance” and “closeness” between the participants; as well as to uncover “clusters”. 



Watch video:

Example large group. Time-laps.

User Manual

You will gain access to the User Manual – a practical guidebook to the Diversity Icebreaker workshops – immediately after placing your first order.



Use of the Manual (40 pages) is the most practical way to conduct the standard Diversity Icebreaker workshop yourself. It describes the workshop step-by-step, introduces alternative ways of managing the process, and gives tips on using the tool in different types of groups.

A facilitator with experience in leading group processes should feel confident to conduct the workshop after reading the Manual.

The User Manual is available in both print and a digital versions after the purchase of any number of paper questionnaires. If you order the online questionnaires we provide you with a digital version (PDF) of the User Manual.



GPT-4, trained on the DI user manual (for the online version of the questionnaire).
Ask about what you want in terms of planning and facilitating the standard Diversity Icebreaker workshop.


Add-on module for the online solution.

Subject specific, 11-question extension surveys for the Diversity Icebreaker.
To fill out together with the standard online questionnaire.


Choose from three different themes: TRUST, PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY and STRESS.)


Following the standard DI workshops, we often continue working with the Red, Blue, Green, or mixed groups, and ask participants to reflect on specific topics. Trust is one such topic and adding this extension survey to your workshop and open for more precise and relevant discussions.




When used, the extension survey results are included in the group profile and presented “by colour”, illustrating difference between the colours on what is important to trust others – see example bellow.




What can you do with it?

  • Pick questions that seem to evoke most interest in the group, e.g. because they yield high scores for each colour or because of large differences
  • Form groups by letting the participants themselves choose the question that they are most interested in regardless of their own colour. The groups then will consist of participants with different primary colour preferences. 



You pay additional EUR 250 for this extension per link (team/group). (USD 280 outside Europe.)
Use the "Extension surveys" check box in the order form and write in the comment field at the bottom which topics you want.



Tailor made extension survey

We can also deliver tailored made extension surveys. Please contact  us to receive a quote.



Available languages

The participants select the language of their choice. As of today, the trust extension survey is available in English and Norwegian. (The standard Diversity Icebreaker online questionnaire form is available in 15 languages).


When you want to compare different teams, project groups or departments in one and the same workshop.
Extension to the default group profile

It is oftentimes relevant to have members of different teams, project, or departments participate together in a single Diversity Icebreaker (DI) workshop. DI is particularly fitted for this purpose as it builds trust, evokes positive climate, and makes people to get to know each other and quickly develop a sense of community – despite coming from different parts of the organization.



The default group profile is always included when ordering the online DI questionnaire. It will provide you with an overall picture of the total group, e.g. a whole organization. However, sometimes you might want to see total group as well as different subgroups represented in your workshop.


The additional subgroup function makes that possible by asking participants an additional question about which team/department/project/etc. they belong to in the beginning of the questionnaire. You can then view the total group profile as well as the profiles of different subgroups present in the workshop.


This function allows for up to 20 subgroups. All groups can be named according to the customer's wishes.





Subgroup profiles are shown on the same page as the total group profile – below and slightly smaller. See an example below.





You can use subgroup profiles for follow-up work after the standard DI workshop. For example, ask participants to reflect on their strengths as group, their dominant preference, or how they can compensate for the colors they have little of.


Oftentimes, team-subgroups will have few enough members to discuss "distance" and "closeness" in terms of communication style between individual members.


Teams and project teams can also compare their own profiles with the total group: "Is our color profile representative for the entire organization or not? What consequences the difference we see can mean for us?"


All sub-profiles can also be shared in plenum for everyone to discuss various groups’ importance for different processes in the organization; or what could be improved in communication between teams and departments.




Sub-group function costs additional EUR 250 totally for up to 20 groups. (USD 280 outside Europe).
Use the Sub-group check box in the ordering form.


NOTE: Illustration at the very top of the page is not part of this function’s output.


The questionnaire (paper)

The questionnaire is the starting point for the Diversity Icebreaker workshop

The questionnaire (paper or online version) is the starting point for both the Diversity Icebreaker workshop and for any follow up applications of the tool. It has been developed in line with best psychometric practices.

The questionnaire takes only 10 minutes to complete and it’s unique design allows for instant scoring, making the questionnaire excellent for use in a dynamic workshop setting.

The questionnaire is available in 19 languages.

Our clients almost exclusively choose the online version of the Diversity Icebreaker questionnaire now and its benefits seem increasingly more valuable. The paper version is therefore removed from our order form.

We will continue to keep a limited stock of the paper questionnaires. Should you still need it, leave a comment when ordering specifically asking for the paper version.

Questionnaire (online) with Premium feedback

DI individual Premium: 35,50 EUR

Pay and get your link immediately.


It takes about 8 minutes to complete the questionnaire.


If you only want your scores on Blue, Green and Red, order the DI standard 




You will receive scores for the colors Red, Blue and Green, and an extended Premium feedback.


  • Premium will give you a more holistic self-understanding and enhance your competence to interact.


  • Diversity Icebreaker has primarily been a development tool for use in seminars. With this new Premium feedback, it is also well suited for self-development without a DI workshop.







in addition to red, blue, and green scores?


  1. Personal, extended profile description of the specific combination of one’s first and second color. Advice on how to approach the third color.

  2. Color-based tips and information relevant for: communication, managing conflict and dilemmas, blind-zones, teamwork, and more – based on research, theory, and years of consultative experience.

  3. A broader statistical analysis of the results. 






  • Personal competence development on demand: employees can use Premium wherever and whenever they want, individually or with others, with regards to areas of their interest.
  • Premium feedback makes DI more relevant for selection, onboarding processes, as well as coaching.









The questionnaire (online) offers as usual 15 languages.
The premium feedback section is currently available in:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Danish
  • Swedish
  • Norwegian




If you wish to purchase tests for a workshop-group, go to this page.



Watch video:

Diversity Icebreaker Premium

Profile Folder

Included in the price per questionnaire.

The Profile Folder is recommended for shorter sessions, and is intended to be handed out at the end of the Diversity Icebreaker workshop. It is an A4 brochure that contains short exercises for individual work as well as concise information about the Diversity Icebreaker tool and its dimensions.

Participants can use the Profile Folder to plot their personal profile based on their results from the questionnaire, and compare their profile with the average from the norm data. They can also read about the different preferences and get practical tips on how to improve interaction with others.

The Folder is currently available in English, German, French, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch and Polish. When ordering Diversity Icebreaker questionnaires in languages other than those listed above, the accompanying Folder is provided in English.

Book 2019

One of the top 10 HR books in 2019, according to the reputable BambooHR. 

Unleashing the Power of Diversity
– How to Open Minds for Good


By Bjørn Z. Ekelund


Publisher: Routledge (UK and USA)

– the world's leading academic publisher in the Humanities and Social Sciences.


One of the 10 best HR books of 2019 according the reputable Bamboo HR.



Short description


The tool and approach presented in the book, the Diversity Icebreaker (DI), has been successfully applied across 75 countries and with 400,000 participants. The book shows how to break down barriers and provides a new way to conceptualise diversity across various boundaries, allowing for trust and unity to form and creating a pathway for improving communication, using DI.

It discusses how the tool can be used to achieve a meaningful impact in a broader context: to create a common language across teams and organisations; reinforce positive identity; build trust between people and towards processes; supports innovation and help making diversity sustainable.
The pedogagical approach, clear intent and easy to understand language make it an engaging read for anyone who wants to communicate better with people with different communication preferences, different professional and cultural backgrounds; as well for professionals who help others to achieve that aim (consultants, councellors, facilitators, etc.). 
The complex problems that many organizations and teams now face are global in scope, including cultural, social and environmental issues. In this ground-breaking book, award-winning consultant and author, Bjørn Ekelund, presents a clear step-by-step approach to communicate with people who have different mindsets, perspectives and cultural backgrounds. It is relevant and applicable across various contexts – within the workplace; inter-professional; across different industries and cultures, and between corporate, governmental and NGO groups.


BambooHR: The 10 best HR books of 2019. Read more..
Lattice: 20 HR books to read in 2022. Read more..
Six references from universities, consultants etc. Read more..



  1. Introduction: Diversity Icebreaker´s potential of doing Good
  2. Red, Blue and Green and Diversity Icebreaker: The evolution from underlying principles
  3. Communication models
  4. On the power of reflexivity
  5. A deeper look at the scientific disciplines and professional cultures
  6. Ethno-geographical cultural differences
  7. Promoting Green creativity and innovation
  8. Promoting Blue efficiency
  9. Promoting Red collective identity and trust
  10. Dignity and personal development



You can f.ex. place your order at Amazon or as extra material when you order Diversity Icebreaker material here
NOTE: The book can also be ordered as an ebook.



Personal workbook

For better teamwork. A booklet for follow-up after the workshop.

This booklet contains supplementary information, discussion topics and exercises for groups and teams. There is also an introduction to the TeamPyramid – a model for working with diversity in the team in order to to bring greater gains than costs.

Participants can use the Personal Workbook individually or with a facilitator in groups. Exercises and questions contained in the Workbook help participants summarize and reflect upon learning points realized in the workshop, and set them in the broader context of teamwork, diversity management, working across cultures, etc.


  • Authors: Bjørn Z. Ekelund and Målfrid Rydningen
  • Available languages in printed versions: EN, FR, SE, DK, NO and BL
  • Available languages, only as PDF versions:  DE, and NL
  • Special edition: Third culture (Only in English)
  • Price: EUR 9 (USD 10 outside of Europe) when you order the questionnaires
  • Pages: 30

Booklet for leaders

Use of Red, Blue and Green in leadership and leadership development

How to use Red, Blue and Green in self development as a leader?



The booklet starts with self-understanding and communication. Then it continues with how to use the concept in your own management team as a leader. Red, Blue and Green are also three different perspectives on management and organization. The booklet ends with showing how the categories can be used in change management and in the development of an organizational culture which includes diversity.


This booklet is designed for the individual leader who would like to use Red, Blue and Green on several levels in their organization. The booklet is suitable as additional material after the Diversity Icebreaker workshop and in leader and leadership development programs where Diversity Icebreaker is used.



Languages: Available in English and Norwegian.


Released: 2018


Author: Bjørn Z. Ekelund


Number of pages: 50




More information?

You can download the table of contents here



EUR 9 (USD 10 outside of Europe). Order here, together with questionnaires.

Innovation Booklet

 A booklet for follow-up after the workshop.

This Innovation Booklet presents ideas on how to use Diversity Icebreaker in creativity and innovation processes.


The booklet is meant for facilitators, consultants, leaders, teams and individuals who would like to use the Diversity Icebreaker in workshops or developmental work with focus on innovation.

Innovative work is complex and often requires cooperation across teams, department and organisations. To achievie it, it may be relevant to work with inclusion and creating of arenas promoting exchange of knowledge. The booklet does not offer ready-made solutions to all this, but it will give you a better theoretical understanding of the topic and contains useful ideas for workshops, conducting meetings, creating learning communities, managerial practices, and planning for innovation, etc.


Price: EUR 9 (USD 10 outside of Europe) when ordering the questionnaires.

Author: Bjørn Z. Ekelund

Published: 2017

Available languages:  English and Norwegian

Find out more

You can see the table of contents here.

You can download sample pages here.




Fun and educational, badges are typically worn during group work that takes place after the Diversity Icebreaker workshop.

The badges are a fun sign of one’s dominant preference and can be used to support follow-up activities.
The text, "…but also Red and Green!" (on a Blue badge, for instance) indicates one of the central learning points of the workshop: Each individual can represent ALL colours in differing degrees, and has the potential to adapt.

Price per badge: EUR 1,25 (USD 2 outside of Europe)

Creativity Mat

Applicable to creative group processes

A practical way to work with creative problem solving after the Diversity Icebreaker seminar.


The mat is used in groups to define, gather and organize ideas using Post-it paper. The mat gives structure to the process and makes it easier to see the interaction between ideas, including different perspectives. The method ensures that everyone is involved in the process. A guide for use is included. The mat can be used again and again.


The mat can also be combined with the innovation booklet.


Language: English
Size: 100 x 70 cm
Weight 340 grams.

Material: Rubber mat shipped in a cardboard mailing tube.


EUR 40 (USD 52 outside of Europe). Order here together with questionnaires etc.



Book 2023

Listed in "Senior Executive’s 10+ DEI Books Executives Should Read in 2024."

Inclusive Leadership: Equity and Belonging in Our Communities
– A Comprehensive Exploration in Leadership Diversity



This book is part of the International Leadership Association’s (ILA) Building Leadership Bridges series. ILA is the largest management association in the world.


Recognition: Listed in "Senior Executive’s 10+ DEI Books Executives Should Read in 2024."



Short description

The book is divided into four parts: understanding DEIB, education and DEIB, practicing DEIB, and a community and global perspective of DEIB. Chapters range in topics from inclusive leadership for social justice to how to influence employee engagement, offering perspectives from practitioners and academics.

The book brings forth empirical research, innovative ideas, and practical tools aimed at nurturing inclusive leadership and fostering a sense of belonging.

Whether you are seeking to enhance your understanding of diversity issues or looking for resources to support your journey in inclusive leadership, this book offers valuable insights and guidance.



Abstract of the chapter written by Bjørn Z. Ekelund:

In this chapter, Diversity Icebreaker® is introduced - a seminar tool that uses Red, Blue, and Green dimensions to categorize participants based on a psychological assessment. Participants, grouped by their dominant color, explore these dimensions from their own and other´s perspectives. Blue represents task and detail orientation, Green signifies a holistic and future-focused approach, and Red denotes a social and communicative style. This metaphorical language fosters an inclusive culture. The categories' simplicity aids in universal application, leveling the playing field for all. Participants recognize commonalities through these colors, enhancing cohesion. The seminar involves engaging in dialogues, fostering positive emotions and insights. Humor and positivity encourage collective interactions, culminating in a shared reflection process where everyone's unique views contribute equally. This chapter conclude with thoughts on how this conceptual model, developed in Norway, apply globally.



Co-Editors and Authors:

Led by a team of esteemed co-editors and featuring contributions from over 45 renowned authors worldwide, the book includes:


Joanne Barnes: A seasoned Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant and Professor at Indiana Wesleyan University.
Bjørn Z. Ekelund: A respected Senior Consultant from Norway, also a Research Fellow in Canada.
Karen Perham-Lippman: A notable figure in DEI, bringing her expertise from her tenure at Jensen Hughes.
Michael J. Stevens: A Distinguished Presidential Professor in Business Administration and a partner in The Kozai Group.


Publisher: Emerald Publishing Limited
Print lenght: 304 pages
Language: English



You can f.ex. place your order at Amazon 



Articles, publications, book etc.

Free download