Online presentation

How does the online DI work?

Upon ordering Diversity Icebreaker (DI) in online version, you will receive a unique URL-link and a QR-code which you share with participants during (e.g. in your PowerPoint presentation) or before the workshop. Each participant uses the same link and fills out the questionnaire on their smartphone, tablet or PC. Individual scores are calculated automatically after the last question and presented on screen (as illustrated below).

If the participants are to fill out the questionnaire beforehand, you can share the link by e-mail. At the end of the survey the respondent can fill a phone number or e-mail and also receive the scores on SMS / email so that they can easily be retrieved for later use.





Different response and results-presentation format

In the online version, participants rate each question separately on a 1-7 scale (they do not have to assign points between different alternatives as in the paper version). Final scores for each colour are presented on a scale from 0 to 100. Scores are easier to understand, as the DI norms are transformed here to be shown as 50 for each colour. That means that the participants do not have to refer to different norms for Red, Blue or Green – as in the paper version – and see immediately which is their dominant preference.


Extra online materials for participants?

At the end of the standard workshop, the included PPT-fil presents a link/QR code which gives the participants access to more information about the colours, reflection exercises, etc. – a online alternative to the paper Profile Folder. PDF versions of our 3 booklets are also avilable.


Group profiles is included

Immediately after participants complete the questionnaire you can see and share with the participants graphic illustrations of how your workshop group scores compared to norm. Read more about the the group profiles here.



More information

Learn more about the online version and when this can be a better option than the paper version. 
Go here.